Wildlife You May See on a Cayman Dive

Caribbean Lobsters

Caribbean lobsters do not have pincher legs, and are very often seen in the open. This pair of lobsters, found in Cayman Brac, have been very territorial and we have found them over and over again in their crevice home.

This diving destination also has an interesting Sand dollar Bed accessible from shore, Eagle Rays and the sunken Russian Frigate Warship, all waiting to be explored.

Violet Sea Anemone

The anemone is a safe haven for Small Fish. Snorkeling has become a favorite activity for many people in Cayman, due to reef protected areas that provide calm water. Full of colorful fish, and many varieties of coral, these waters will provide a lot of fun and adventure. Small fish hide in sea anemone for protection from predators.


Queen Angel Fish

Beautiful and shy. On a snorkeling or diving adventure seeing the beautiful Queen Angel fish is thrilling. Some divers have observed as four in one place, in only 40 feet of water. Abundant coral reefs and sea life awakens wonder in the observer. The coral reef reaches within 10 feet of the surface in many places and is only a short swim from shore.

Hawkbill Sea Turtle

Although rare to see when snorkeling, it does happen. Seeing at least one turtle on a dive though is a sure thing.


Gray Angel Fish

The Gray Angel Fish travels in pairs and are as large as a dinner platter. Curious they will venture close to scuba divers and sometimes follow them during the dive. You will see them in all sizes on the colorful reefs.

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