Diving at Tsitsikamma

Location Tsitsikamma
Sites dived Underwater Trail at Storms River Mouth
Dive Centre None needed – just hire equipment and take it with you.
Best Time to Dive Whenever you can. Quite a protected bay however the visibility is, as always, weather dependant. Best after a Westerly wind.
Water Temp 15 degrees celcius – ouch.
Visibility Average 5-6meters.
Exposure Protection As usual – 7mm two piece or dry suit
Average diving depth To 15 meters, however we didn’t venture deeper than 10 meters as the life was so prolific.
Possible Marine Encounters As Port Elizabeth and Knysna, Gas Flame NudiBranches, large shoals of Steenbras & Zebra fish, Rays, Pyjama Sharks, resident Ragged Tooth Shark, very curious Red Romans (Rock Cod), colorful sea urchins, Southern Right Whales in Winter, Humpback Whales Рsummertime.

We could happily spend hours here simply pootling around looking in crevices at 5 or 6 meters. In fact that’s exactly what we did. We spent an entire 15 minutes studying a massive (8cm) Gas Flame Nudibranch and taking shots of it from various angles and it was only when we decided to move off, that we realised we were literally encircled by hundreds of silver steenbras. We simply sat and marvelled while the huge shoal swam around us and ‘quizzy'(a South Africanism for ‘curious’)Red Romans (pictured above) kept and admiring their reflection in the lens.

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