Diving at Sedgefield

Location Sedgefield
Sites dived Cloud Nine, Gerrickes Point
Dive Centre Garden Route Divers РA local Dairy Farmer and Vet run this neat operation. As there is no commercial gain there is a real club type atmosphere which focuses on making both clients and students enjoy and continue to enjoy diving. This is the only centre to blend gas (Nitrox) on site from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town.
Best Time to Dive Whenever you can. Best after a Westerly when the wind flattens and cleans the sea. Our great sense of timing ensured we dived just before an easterly blew. The sea was rocking!
Water Temp 15 – 20 degrees celcius
Visibility Average 4-5 meters.
Exposure Protection 7mm two piece or dry suit (Locals dive in 5mm two piece)
Average diving depth 25 – 30 meters
Possible Marine Encounters As Port Elizabeth and Knysna plus a greater chance of seeing Great Whites at close quarters!
Comments: Due to a strong easterly the previous day with more of the same forecast, the visibility was not so great. However, we could gauge how wonderful this dive could be by the topography of the reefs. Alleys and gulleys, walls, pinnacles and swim throughs. Although rough on top, the surge was gentle enough underneath and the rocks were carpeted with all sorts of colorful goodies.
The briefing given by Bruce and Howard was thorough, and emphasis was made on several must-dos to decrease the possibility of attracting sharks. These included compulsory negative entries (letting all air out of BCD’s and not waiting on surface before descending thus enabling quick descent and no time for sharks to make out silhouetted forms), not letting the buoy line out of sight, making speedy exits and ensuring that our dive is no-decompression without safety stop.
Although we had been waiting eagerly to meet a Great White underwater, our nerves more than slightly frayed at the fast approaching reality of it! In fact our hearts only stopped trying to exit our chests when we had descended and were distracted by the life amongst the rocks.
Even though we are sure of the fact we are not in his food chain, its incredible how the mind works overtime on ‘but what ifs….’!

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