About Your Dive Guide

In the past ten years, scuba diving has experienced an unbelievable growth in popularity. In America, one out of every ten people has participated in recreational diving, and another 500,000 become certified each year. The underwater world tempts legions of visitors each year, and unique marine encounters keep us coming back for more. Though its roots are in military and commercial applications, all you need is a keen interest and some basic classroom and in-water training to practice the sport.

However, this scuba diving renaissance has not left much of a footprint online. Though informational sites remain active, there are very few tools and resources for passionate and knowledgeable divers—whether you are looking for self-guided itineraries, product reviews, or guided excursions. This is the gap we want to fill.

Think of Your Dive Guide as an underwater safari resource. We post itineraries, dive destination, and travel guides for some of the best scuba diving spots in the world. Additionally, though we don’t function explicitly as a touring program, we travel frequently—whether it’s to create a new resource, a new itinerary, or to simply check out a can’t-miss dive. When this happens, we open up a few additional travel spots to passionate divers wanting to experience a dive tour (in an unofficial capacity). In addition to providing essential diving guides, we frequently publish scuba-related resources. From safety tips and equipment reviews to bucket list dives and important local attractions, if it’s related to scuba diving, we’ve probably written about it.

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